Quality Products Since 2002

We are small but dedicated team involved with both Tow-A-Frame electronically power braked A-Frame systems (since 2010) and Smart-Trailers, and other Car Trailers (since 2002).

A-Frame towing VW Up!
A-Frame towing of VW Up, Skoda Citigo, Seat Mii


We have over 25 year combined Experience in Towing and Automotive industry, our first trailer was venture was in 2002 and was our first entry into the market with the original Smart-Trailers XCountry (short for Cross Country) closely followed by the Brooklands Trailer with sliding ramps.

Half Moon Bay Leisure

We formed Half Moon Bay (Leisure) Ltd in 2004 as the holding company for Smart-Trailers (and Bantam trailers) and Smart-Tow now known as Tow A Frame ltd.  Since 2010 We saw the advantages of the American electronic braked systems for A frames and became the UK sole distributor for the SmartboxDUO, power braking system manufactured  by SMI manufacturing currently  owned by Demco group USA.


The SmartboxDUO electronic vacuum power braking system has had many accolades from Motorhome Readers’ choice Awards and substantiates our confidence in this product.

• 2014 Gold Award
• 2015 Gold Award
• 2016 Gold Award
• 2017 Silver Award

Read more: http://www.motorhome.com/top-stories/2017-motorhome-readers-choice-award-winners/ (previous years also still available)

Our Ethos

We use trailers, caravans, motorhomes and A-Frame cars regularly and know what it is like to be the end user, the good and bad points and can offer good insight as we offer both A-Frames and Car Transporter Trailers solutions to our customers.
Our A-Frames, inserts and pins are proudly designed and manufactured in the UK, we have a close working relationship with our local suppliers and manufacturers and keen to support our local businesses as they support us. Some of our Install Centres are motorhome owners, most run their own business and we aim to maintain a great working ethos with integrity and pride with all our partners.


Mike Northeast

Director & General Manager