Statement on Flat Towing by                                                                                      1st December 2015 & – TowAFrame

It has been brought to our attention that some of our competitors in the small car flat tow market maybe giving members of the public misleading information regarding the suitability of smart cars for flat towing behind Motorhomes, Camping Cars etc.

The new smart 453, both fortwo and forfour, with the automatic DSG gearbox (Twinamic) cannot be flat towed and must be towed on a trailer with all four of the 453’s wheels off the ground.

We have not been made aware of any technical reason, other than the Manual says so, why the manual 453 all 451’s and all 450’s could not be flat towed subject to the precautions mentioned below.

The trios of VW Up, Skoda Citigo, Seat Mii and Toyota Aygo, Citroen C1 & Peugeot 108 remain totally unaffected in all variants.

The above is subject, in all cases, to the following assumptions:-

Providing the vehicle transmission is fixed in neutral and all other requirements for flat towing are met.  These include, but may not be limited to, being correctly braked, correctly lit, hand brake off, ignition off, no steering lock, breakaway safety protection and other reasonable precautions in the circumstances.


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The above is TAF Ltd best understanding of matters as they appear at the time of writing.  Whilst all reasonable efforts have been made to elicit detailed answers from manufacturers Third parties are deemed to have informed themselves in their particular situation and proceed entirely at their own risk. TAF Ltd, its officers, employees, agents or distributors accept no liability for the accuracy of the above opinion being implemented in any particular situation.