Welcome to TowAFrame Trailers.  We have been specialist suppliers of car transporter trailers for the motorhome market since 2004.

We believe you wish to enjoy travelling in your “home away from home” in the most leisurely and uncluttered way possible. Without the burden of a large heavy rig making driving in quiet backwaters difficult and stressful.  Therefore, although we can supply a car transporter trailer for almost any vehicle – our trailers range from 8ft bed to 20ft bed and from a carrying capacity of 960kg to over 2,500kg – we tend to specialise on the smaller lightweight trailers for small light cars suitable for towing behind your average motorhome – usually based on a Fiat Ducato or Mercedes Sprinter.


What can I tow? You will find a Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) plate fixed to your motorhome – usually, if you raise the bonnet, on the cross member where the bonnet locks down. This generally has four weight numbers stamped on it, from top to bottom it is usually Gross Train Weight (GTW) followed by Gross Vehicle Weight (GVW – sometimes also known as Maximum Technically Permissible Laden Weight MTPLM) and then two further weights usually numbered 1 and 2 (and 3 if you have a tag axle vehicle) these are the maximum weights allowable on the front and rear axle. Axle weights 1 and 2 will add up to slightly more than the GVW for obvious reasons. To know what your BASE vehicle is capable of towing you subtract the GVW weight from the GTW. For example if the GTW is 5,500kg and the GVW is 3,500kg then the BASE vehicle is capable of towing 2,000kg or 2 metric tonnes.

Note: I say BASE vehicle because you may find an additional VIN plate under the bonnet or inside the habitation unit that may reduce these numbers. This is very often the case where the motorhome converter has taken just a power cab unit and attached its own chassis and third party rear axle or added chassis extensions to the power unit standard chassis and axle. The length of any chassis extensions will affect the loading a trailer and its load throw on to the rear axle under braking. It is therefore essential, if you are planning to tow, to purchase a motorhome that has been designed and built from the ground up with the correct components and strength for the load you intend to tow plus, I would suggest, a reasonable margin – “just in case” If in doubt please question the company you intend to buy from and get clear assurances!


There are many car transporter trailers out there and not all are equal. Most are well made some not so. Our trailers are made from 3mm and 4mm pre-galvanised steel which gives an excellent chip free finish. We also use mostly Al-Ko Kober axles and hitches – a German manufacturer of perhaps the best axles in Europe with many service centres in most Countries.

Our car transporter trailers come complete as standard with a spare wheel, wheel chocks, slide out ramps, fully braked with full electrics and lights pre-wired in. There is a full size jockey wheel and jack stands at the back. All this together with European Wide Type Approval, a 17 digit unique VIN number, Certificate of Conformity and a 2 year Warranty.