SmartBox DUO

£1,449.99 INC VAT

No self-contained system applies brakes faster than the SmartBox DUO.
Simple on/off sequence for TOWING, our dedicated vacuum unit provides the power braking, fast – responsive and powerful Pneumatic brake actuator, Using our unique dual signal activation means the Smart-DUO system intelligently brakes  – proportionately and only when braking is required.  These features combine to provide the most powerful easy to use system available today that meets the braking capacity AND Auto Reverse requirements of the Construction & Use Regulations and European Community Directive 71/320/EEC

Note: SmartboxDUO is our name for a Demco (USA) product called Stay-IN-Play DUO. 



Kit Features:

  • Smart-DUO vacuum pump By Demco USA
  • Unique Dual sensing Braking actuation (Using a brake light trigger AND motion sensor for proportionate braking)
  • Powerful Pneumatic brake actuator
  • G force motion sensor
  • Electronic emergency breakaway unit
  • Diodes and wiring connectors
  • DOT approved hi pressure flexible rubber  brake hose
  • Airbrake DOT approved brake pipe