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    Tow BAG

    Tow BAG is a durable tactical style nylon carry bag

    • Constructed by high quality durable Nylon material
    • 38″ 100cm Carry Bag
    • The whole bag is padded with thick foam inside for great protection
    • Features 2 pockets 1) 29.5cm (L) x 21cm (H) x 3cm (T) at the front of the bag for spares or accessories 2) A pouch with zipper …
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    Tow GLIDE

    The Tow Glide auto align A frame features telescopic legs, enabling you to connect the Tow car to the Tow ball easier. The sliding legs allow the Tow hitch to be moveable, you simply move the Tow hitch to the Tow ball – as long as reasonably close – then connect the hitch to the Tow ball. Once connected you …

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    Tow TOUGH

    The Tow Tough lightweight manual A frame weighs 8 Kg, its simple tough box section tube design is manually extended for towing and manually retracted after use, simple, easy to use, lightweight – with a passivated zinc protective finish.

    The price includes the TOWtough manual aligning A Frame, Electronic Vacuum Power Braking System and fitting to your car.

    Fitted price £2849 inc …

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    Tow WEDGIT

    Introducing the [Tow WEDGIT] (It has been patented as it’s so simple but very handy and no one else has anything like it currently)

    It’s a small device that locks the UJ in position holding the A frame about 20 degrees from horizontal allowing easier connection with one person, It is a simple block that locks the a frame in an …